I decided to try a reiki treatment at Reiki Retreat for the first time when I had chronic shoulder pain from bursitis. After the first treatment my pain was significantly reduced and I felt very refreshed and energized. It was also wonderfully relaxing. Now that my pain is gone, I still enjoy having reiki treatments just to de-stress and get my energy back.

Hello Barbara,
Just a short note, but wanted to tell you that your Reiki treatments have been very positive! It’s a very relaxing time, and appears to be having some good affects on my sore knees. I look forward to coming to each visit, and find that I no longer need to take Aleve every single day!! 

I know I’m missing it and can’t wait for my next treatment. It’s the total relaxation that I enjoyed and looked forward to each session. The stiffness in my knees and neck is so much better than it used to be.

I did a half hour session on myself last night and it calmed my stomach right down! Interestingly enough one of my cats decided it would be a good idea to lay right on top of me, purring away while I was trying to do my heart and stomach area! So I laid my hands on her and she loved it! I’m so thankful and excited that I’ve been able to start learning this! I want to use it all the time! Thank you very much for your patience and guidance with us! You’re a wonderful teacher and made the class such a memorable day!

Barbara has been using Reiki ever since her first class in 2002. In 2006 she was encouraged by her friends and family, whom she had been helping to feel better in all areas of their lives, to start a real business so she could help others.   

Reiki Retreat was born with the name being registered with the State of Vermont in February 2006. “This is the path I am supposed to be on. I love helping others to feel their best”.

In 2014 she became a certified Massage Therapist from the Green Mountain Massage School. Always wanting to learn new ways to help her clients she undertook this intense year long study.

Barbara became a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner studying under the founder, Eileen Day McKusick in 2015.

Zero Balancing became the therapy of choice in 2016.

Barbara also has learned other healing modalities such as Quantum touch, Gem Stone Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Energy Medicine, Chakra Therapy, Angel Therapy and Sound Balancing.

Barbara is always looking for new techniques to incorporate into her practice.